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The Monarch Story

Like all great kingdoms, Monarch Burger was built upon stories and fables. Monarch's story starts with the infamous dirty burger of Campagnolo Upstairs. Situated above the acclaimed Italian Restaurant, Campagnolo, this small 35-seat bar served a seemingly simple cheeseburger crafted to satisfy the hungry yet discerning upstairs bar patrons. It was so well crafted and so well received that it quickly gained infamy, part of its allure was its limited quantity as only 35 burgers were made each night, which sold out rapidly. It became the standard, to which all other burgers in Vancouver were measured and which had a ravenous cult following.

The inception of Monarch Burger arose from the necessity to cater to a larger audience. We wanted to bring the Dirty Burger to the masses and initially, we established our presence down the street at the old American Bar. It was a great partnership and it's where we flourished for four remarkable years until it came to a peaceful end. We set out to find the next kingdom but were halted by the onset of the great pandemic. Then this last January of 2024, through a series of instagram posts, the support of dear friends, and the vision of a forward-thinking restaurateur, Monarch Burger will be making a major announcement soon.  

Monarch Burger will continue its tradition of pop-up events across the lower mainland – stay updated by checking out our calendar on the Pop Ups page. Moreover, Monarch Burger is available for hire, ready to cater to your next gathering, whether it's a party, corporate event, siege, plundering, or any occasion where you need to satiate a hungry crowd.



What makes Monarch Unrivaled

Monarch Burger recipes and techniques were developed to make a burger that reminds us of what we ate as children, But for the adult in you.

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Locally Sourced Beef

Our commitment to quality begins with our beef coming exclusively from BC ranchers. Dry aged and ground daily for the perfect texture. By prioritizing good relationships and quality, we ensure that every burger reflects our dedication to excellence.

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Freshly Baked Buns

Each bun is hand shaped and baked at a local East Van bakery. Years of recipe development have gone into, what we think is the perfect vehicle to deliver the beef. Not to soft, and can hold up to our juicy burgers and secret sauce.

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House Made Pickles

Every burger comes with sliced house made pickles that come from an age old family recipe that was passed down through generations of BC farmers. It becomes the perfect vinegary and sweet foil  to the beefy richness of our patty.

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Our Proprietary Secret Sauce

Our secret sauce, a closely guarded recipe, adds an incredible depth of flavour to every burger. With its delicious blend of spices, it helps elevate the flavours and nuances in our signature beef blend. All to keeping our customers coming back for more.

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